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Classes meet weekly and are offered on days, nights and weekends for your convenience.

Because classes are small in size, pre-registration is required and fees are not refundable after classes have started.

How to sign up for a class (so many ways to do this):

First read the information on the web page for the class. If it tells you to email the instructor directly, do so. Otherwise:
Email Dee, to make sure space is available. Once you know there is space in a class:

1. Print and fill out the Registration Form (see below for several formats) and mail it with a tuition check made out to the class instructor to the address on the form, OR drop it off at Dog Days, OR download it, fill it out, and email it to Dee.

2. Payment: Mail or bring in a check, OR pay via PayPal or Venmo if you've arranged that with your instructor. Sorry, no credit/debit cards.

Class Registration Form: (Fillable Word Document) (PDF)

Class Health form for your vet to sign: (Web Page)

Start here with your 8-18 week old puppy:

Classes for pups older than 18 weeks: Interested in competition? Are you having some behavioral issues? We have an all-new class specifically designed for dogs who over-react by barking & lunging at other dogs:

Recommended behaviorists for individual help (in no specific order, please check them all out before choosing the right one for you and your dog):

  • Alison Eberhard, trainer in Vancouver, WA, specializing in individual training for reactive dogs. 360-553-2699
  • Way To Behave Carmen LeBlanc, MS, ACAAB, CPDT, Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, in Vancouver, WA.
  • Animal Behavior Clinic - Dr. Chris Pachel DVM, DACVB, CABC, board certified Veterinary Behaviorists (Portland).
  • Synergy Behavior Solutions in NW Portland, OR