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COVID-19 precautions:

    Please do not come to class if you are feeling unwell, coughing, sneezing or running a temperature. If you find that you've recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive or has the symptoms of COVID-19, please let your instructor know before coming to class. Respect the social distancing guidelines as explained by your instructor. Wait outside if there is a class ending before yours until your instructor comes out to get you after the prior students have left the building and surfaces have been cleaned. Place your training equipment on the surfaces designated by your instructor. We take this virus very seriously and are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.

Classes meet weekly and are offered on days, nights and weekends for your convenience. We have lots of options, please read through this page and email or call if you are wondering which class is best for your dog.
Because classes are small in size, pre-registration is required and fees are not refundable after classes have started.

How to sign up for a class (so many ways to do this):

    First read the information on the web page for the class. If it tells you to email the instructor directly, do so. Otherwise:

    For Puppy and Companion Dog 1, use the form on the class page to register. Simple!

    For other classes: Class Registration Form (Fillable Word Document) (PDF)

Start here with your 8-20 week old puppy:

Classes for pups older than 18 weeks:

Interested in competition?

Are you having some behavioral issues?

    OVER REACTORS: For dogs who over-react by barking & lunging at other dogs.
    CONTROL UNLEASHED: For dogs who have difficulty focusing and working near other dogs or people.

Recommended behaviorists and trainers for individual help: