Dog Days Dog Training



COVID-19 precautions:
    Please do not come to class if you are feeling unwell, coughing, sneezing or running a temperature. If you find that you've recently been exposed to someone who has tested positive or has the symptoms of COVID-19, please let your instructor know before coming to class. Respect the social distancing guidelines as explained by your instructor. Wait outside if there is a class ending before yours until your instructor comes out to get you after the prior students have left the building and surfaces have been cleaned. Place your training equipment on the surfaces designated by your instructor. We take this virus very seriously and are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.


Our goal is to have an easily-accessible training facility which promotes dog-friendly dog training. To that end, we teach people how to focus on and reward correct behavior in ways that dogs understand. We believe strongly that learning should be fun for all -- the dogs and the humans!

All classes are taught using positive reinforcement and a clear understanding of how dogs learn (Operant Conditioning).
Focus is always on building a strong relationship based on leadership, trust, and cooperation.
Class sizes are small so everyone gets lots of individual attention.

INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: If the Vancouver School District is closed, so are we.

General policies:

  • Any dog which, in the opinion of the training instructor, is uncontrollable, unpredictable, or aggressive may be removed from a general enrollment class and referred for private instruction or specialty behavior classes.
  • Handlers aged 8 -17 participating in class must have a parent or responsible adult in attendance during class. For liability reasons, one adult over 18 years of age must be the primary handler in class. Spouses or children aged 8-17 may assist the primary handler. With permission, a handler younger than 18 may be the primary if a parent or guardian is present.
  • Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a non-participating adult at all times while on the premises, and there must be one adult per child under 8.
  • All dogs must remain on a short leash when on the premises of the training facilities.
  • All owners must clean up after their dogs when on the premises of the training facilities.
  • Female dogs in heat may attend class but should wear protective britches. If you are not sure, please call the instructor.
  • We find that it is often counterproductive to have two dogs from the same household in the same beginner level class. This is also true for two dogs that know each other very well. We recommend that you give each dog the benefit of your full attention in class, and we find that this helps you achieve the same back from your dog.
  • We ask all owners to be aware of their dog's behavior while on leash. All handlers are asked to not allow their dog free access to sniff another person's dog without asking permission of the owner first.
  • All dogs must be in good health, physically sound and protected from disease. If your dog is acting sick, please don't come to class that day. Call us if you have questions.
  • Sorry, make-up classes will not be available.

Refund policy:

  • There will be a full credit or refund if Dog Days Dog Training cancels class.
  • There will be a full credit or refund minus $5 processing fee if client cancels 14 calendar days or more in advance of class start date.
  • There will be a full credit or refund minus $10 processing fee if client cancels less than 14 days in advance of class start date.
  • There are no refunds after the class session has started.
  • All cancellations and transfer requests must be received in writing. There will be no refunds for any portion of a class that is missed due to personal schedule conflicts.