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This is the perfect class for those of you who just love training but don't have any specific goals or who think their dog isn't quite ready for the performance classes.

This curriculum is based on the 3rd and 4th Levels in Sue Ailsby's book, Training Levels - Steps to Success.

There are four Levels in the book. The first 2 are covered in the Companion Dog 1 class.


  • The first Level introduces you and your dog: "Dog, human, human, dog", and begins to show you how to speak to each other using standard, basic dog behaviors such as sit, down and come.

  • The second Level shows you how to teach many new, more interesting behaviors such as going to lie down on a mat, going in a crate, and walking on a loose leash and more.

  • The third Level is all about showing the dog how to do what you ask for longer periods of time and in spite of distractions. We take known behaviors and keep building on them, touch becomes fetch, sit becomes stay, etc.

  • The fourth Level finishes the job, leaving you with a firm understanding of how to speak to your dog so she'll listen, and leaving your dog with trust in you and a desire to do what you want her to do. When you're finished the fourth Level, you and your dog have the foundation of a good life together, or you can continue working on any job or any sport.

This class can be joined before or after you've completed Companion 2.

Link to Sue Ailsby"s book to purchase digitally or print: https://sue-eh.ca/product/training-levels/

Not for reactive (barking and lunging at other dogs or people) or aggressive dogs.

Contact Alison Eberhard with any questions or to get on the list for a session: 360-553-2699 or DogTrainerAlison@gmail.com

Tuition is $180 for the 6-week session, please make checks out to "Alison Eberhard"

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Mondays 7:00-8:00 p.m., instructor Alison Eberhard

  • starting June 12