Tell Us About Your Dog!

Answer these questions for us about your dog's breed or breed which it seems most like if you have a mix.
  1. What is the name of the breed?

  2. Where did this breed originate? Country and region.

  3. What breeds were involved in the development?

  4. What was the original purpose behind the breed?

  5. Does anyone involved in the breed still use them for their

    original purpose?

  6. What is the very general temperament of the breed?

  7. How about training? Are they easy or difficult to train?

  8. What is their general temperament like around other dogs?

  9. What health problems are they prone to if any?

  10. What is their general social behavior like with people?

  11. How suitable is the breed around children?

  12. How good a guard is the breed?

  13. How much exercise do they need on average?

  14. What behavioral problems are they prone to if any?

  15. What is their life expectancy?

  16. What is the average number of puppies born in a litter?