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Reactive Rover Class Information

About the Instructor:

Carmen LeBlanc's love of animals started early, growing up with a horse, guinea pigs, cats and dogs. She first trained her family's German Shepherd in 4-H, and kept on going. Today she is an Associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (ACAAB), with a master's degree in animal behavior (AKA experimental psychology, the science of learning) and a graduate specialty in Applied Behavior Analysis (the science of behavior change). She's also a valedictorian graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers (known as the "Harvard of dog training schools") and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT).

Carmen brings 15 years of experience in behavior consulting with dog and cat owners and teaching classes and private lessons. She worked for 5 years as the Director of Behavior & Training at Cascade Pet Camp in Hood River, and for 6 years in humane societies in Washington, Oregon and Illinois, where she developed programs and trained staff in animal training and enrichment. She presents at and attends professional and academic conferences to keep abreast of developments in the field of animal behavior. Carmen has titled her own dogs in Rally, Competition Obedience and Canine Freestyle. She and her company Way To Behave are devoted to science-based training that is proven effective and pet and people friendly.
Phone: 541-400-0738

Reactive Rover 1

Cost: $238 for 6 weeks (6.5 hours of instruction)
Location: Dog Days NW
Duration: 5 weekly 1-hour classes, plus an initial 2-hour, people-only orientation.

Does your dog bark, pull, jump and lunge at other dogs while on-leash? Do you want to take a training class or just enjoy your walks but can't because of your dog's behavior? Are you ready for solutions? Reactive Rover 1 and 2 are classes for dogs who don't get along well with other dogs and can't work in a regular class environment.

In a small-group, highly structured environment with visual barriers, Reactive Rover 1 will give you powerful, dog-friendly techniques to prevent your dog's over-reactive behaviors while helping him to relax, focus on you, and learn from you. You will decrease stress and increase enjoyment for both you and your dog. The overall goal of this class is to have your dog behave politely and calmly around other on-leash dogs. Reactive Rover 1 will not get to dog interactions, meet-and-greets or off-leash work. Students can repeat this class as often as desired to meet their goals and advance to the next level. (See Reactive Rover 2 below).

PLEASE NOTE: the first week of class is a mandatory 90-minute training skills workshop with people only (dogs stay at home). The workshop gives students a head start with key concepts, skills practice and safety procedures before the first class with dogs.

* This class is not suitable for dogs with aggression issues toward people (fearful, growls, threatens or bites) or for dogs with a history of serious, injurious bites to other dogs. If this describes your dog, contact Carmen for private, in-home behavior consulting .

Reactive Rover 2

Cost: $238 for 6 weeks (6.5 hours of instruction).
Location: Dog Days NW
Duration: 6 weekly, 1-hour classes.

With instructor approval and completion of Reactive Rover 1, you and your dog will be ready for the next step. Reactive Rover 2 teaches more advanced obedience skills, more control, focus and confidence-building exercises, and more natural activities around other dogs. It provides a great transition to real world environments. Depending on class make-up and individual dogs, this class may progress to on-leash meet-and-greets, including teaching your dog better doggy social skills. Students get more advanced instruction on recognizing and responding effectively to the myriad social cues and body postures that indicate good, low-risk interactions versus higher-risk interactions.

Outta Control Canines

Cost: $238 for 6 weeks (6.5 hours of instruction)
Location: Dog Days NW
Duration: 6 weekly classes, including an initial 2-hour, people-only training workshop

Is your dog rowdy, jumpy, mouthy?
High energy, hyperactive, excitable, exuberant, impulsive or just plain out of control?
There's hope!
OUTTA CONTROL gives you relief and positive training solutions for your adolescent dog (or older dogs who think they're still adolescents)

This course covers:

  • Training techniques that channel - rather than squash - your dog's energy and personality
  • Play training games that exercise AND build obedience
  • Good manners with adults and children (no more jumping & mouthing)
  • The art of zen: teaching your dog to CHILL OUT
  • Easy enrichment tools for you to keep your dog busy and happy with rewarding jobs when you're at work or just need peace
If your dog is "out of control" and reactive when he sees other dogs, Reactive Rover is the right class for you. If your dog is shy or fearful, Cautious Canines is the best class for you.

Cautious Canines

Cost: $238 for 6 weeks (6.5 hours of instruction)
Location: Dog Days NW
Duration: 6 weekly classes, including an initial 2-hour, people-only training workshop

Is your dog shy or a worry wart?
May be fine at home, but the rest of the world makes him nervous?
Mildly reactive, avoids or fear-barks at people and dogs?
Then Cautious Canines is the perfect behavior training class for you!

We help sharpen your training skills, adapt them to your dog's issues, and improve his responsiveness to you.

You learn:

  • best practices for remedial socialization and desensitization
  • how to provide consistent structure for your dog that promotes their sense of security
  • fun training games that exercise and strengthen obedience
  • calming techniques and obedience exercises - even outdoors around distractions and scary triggers
Your dog learns:
  • to feel more safe, confident & calm
  • to look to you for direction, instruction, reassurance and rewards
  • reliable obedience when you most need it
PLEASE NOTE: the first week of these classes is a mandatory 90-minute training workshop with people only (dogs stay at home). The workshop gives students a head start with key concepts and skills before the first class with dogs.